Tension rods, or the Renter Nomad’s tent pole

Tension rods are the number one item I recommend for anyone in temporary accommodation.

They are a rod which can be re-sized using a spring, twisting, or screwing a bolt into place. They can be used in any aperture, for:

  • curtains or blackout curtains (for blackout, use a black fleece blanket);
  • wall hangings (use a throw, add loops to a pretty rug, or use a real felt or tapestried wall hanging). Wall Hangings are particularly good in winter, for poorly insulated walls; or
  • a picture rail (we all know landlords like to forbid nails and BluTac);
  • an external or internal door curtain (we all know, also, that draughts are officially Not a Landlords’ Problem).

These unassuming bits of hardware, which can be bought in local hardware shops, John Lewis (very upmarket), or even through Amazon, are the tent poles of a Renter Nomad’s portable household. They provide a framework, and using them, the familiar walls and curtains can always be with you.


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