End-of-tenancy countdown: tips aggregated from @RenterNomads on twitter

January 16, 2013: Still running down stores b4 move: pasta with sauce of tinned tomatoes, chickpeas, frozen chopped spinach. Seasoning: black pepper, garlic.

January 16, 2013: Storecupboard meal for lunch: sardines in tomato sauce w/chick peas, on pasta. Calcium & protein from the fish; chick peas towards 5-a-day.

January 14, 2013: In lease countdown, remember to run down your store cupboard supplies. Tonight, we’re rediscovering bulgur wheat – perfect for this weather!

January 14, 2013: For those end-of-tenancy repairs, be sure to check local hardware shops: I spent £1.50 for a basin plug chain, not £2.98 at B&Q!

January 10, 2013: Less time between rubbish collections this week, so space in the bin for a declutter throwout!

January 9, 2013:  Today’s tasks, to stop living in clutter: return unwanted online shopping, make eBay pile, admit what sewing repairs I’m not going to do.

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About renternomads

Despite an Oxbridge degree and a background in writing, event management and business journalism, I've rented in the private sector for 12 years. Shame on me: what a betrayal of my class background! So the rhetoric goes... However, in the UK, now, the average age of a first time buyer without parental support has risen to 37. Moreover, new kinds of renters are entering the market: the housing market is so illiquid that sellers are increasingly talking of "going into rented" while they seek to buy another property. Whether you're a long-term renter or a "temporary nomad", I hope you'll find it useful and interesting as I blog about the domestic solutions which you can take with you, so you don't "have" to buy again and again.
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