Inventaria inventariorum, inventariorum, inventariorum….

I feel a bit like a meta-index at the moment, with at least four inventories active at the moment.

There is the schedule of condition for our old rental house, which the agents “think” will cost over £700 to put right.

There is the schedule of condition for our new rental house, which I have tried to add some items to, but which is proving difficult, thanks to having no broadband through which to send a film of the kitchen floor. If I hadn’t managed to get an unlimited data package for my phone, this moving period could potentially cost hundreds (if I had to leave extra photos off the inventory).

There is the set of belongings which we are using in the living areas of our new house.

Finally, there are all of the appliances, furnishings, books, clothes, pictures, toys, items to go to the charity shop, items to go onto eBay, et ceteris, in storage. Although it is the fourth I’ve listed here, in a way, it’s the one that most represents me and my family, as it physically represents our background and memories.


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