Decorating with light and fire

Scandinavian cosiness (I’m not going to use the h-word!) is everywhere these days, and it’s possible to think there is too much of it. However, one thing it has for the Renter Nomad is the use of flame. That’s partly because fire’s dearest friends are darkness or dimness, a state in which you can’t see the outlines of your cramped, rented accommodation, nor the smudges on the everlasting “magnolia” walls (or, indeed, other colours, if you hate them! I once had a bedroom with violent orange walls, and was always keen to turn the lights out!).

Flame itself can be beautiful in more than one way: it provides warmth to the touch, it can spread scent, and light is far more magnificent than mere colour.

If you haven’t got a fireplace or your lease forbids candles, may I offer this flaming vodka beauty, which isn’t a candle, but is a form of cooking and drinking, which few leases can forbid! (Tip:  warm your chosen spirit – at least 37% alcohol – up in a shot glass before pouring it onto a plate. That will make the alcohol more volatile and will help the flame to “catch”).

[See also: A Renter Nomad’s Festive Season and the “Season’s Greetings” Pinterest board)


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